Can not print to 3130 from PSF/6000 but can from PSF/2

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ABSTRACT:     Can not print to 3130 from PSF/6000 but can from PSF/2            
              and AS/400?                                                       
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Customer wants to print IPDS to a 3130 attached token-ring from PSF/2,          
AS/400 and PSF/6000. He can print from AS/400 and PSF/2 but unable to           
print IPDS from PSF/6000. The queues for 3130 on PSF/6000 show UP when          
we try to print an ASCII job through PSF/6000 queues go down and the            
jobs sit in the queue as status canceled. I can LPR to the 3130 from            
AIX. Any ideas? We have plenty of free space in /var.                           
It's hard to say without information from the PSF/AIX error log, but            
the most likely cause is that another PSF (like PSF/2) currently has an         
IPDS conversation established with the printer, so PSF/AIX is unable            
to establish the communications.  Look at the error.log file in the             
/var/psf/printername subdirectory for the latest timestamp message              
and see if that's what it says.  If that's the case, then you can test          
easily by ending PSF/2's session with the printer.                              
To set it up permanently so that you can share a single printer between         
multiple PSFs, you need to set the timers correctly on all the PSF              
systems to release the printer after no more work appears after a given         
time period, and other timers to tell each PSF to wait forever until the        
other PSFs release the printer.                                                
For example, on PSF/AIX, to set up the release timer (which is known as         
the Job Interval Shutdown Timer), you go into the PSF/AIX configuration         
panel, Show/Change Characteristics..., Tuning Options, and change the           
default for Job Interval SHUTDOWN timer from 9999 (which says never             
release) to your desired number of seconds.  (Onscreen help is quite            
good. Or see page 173 of S544-3817-03, Print Administration.)                   
Then on PSF/AIX to set up the "wait forever" timer (which is known as           
the Connection Timeout), under PSF/AIX configuration and Show/Change            
Characteristics..., Device Options, change the default from 30 seconds          
to 0, which means never time out.  (See page 162 of S544-3817-03, Print         
If you need the equivalent information for PSF/2 and can't find it in          
the hardcopy or online documentation, please reopen the item.                   
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