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ABSTRACT:     AFP Upload from PSF/AIX to PSF/MVS: Need assistance with          
              accounting issues                                                 
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My customer has installed AFP Upload for AIX and is quite happy with the        
function provided. However, there is one big showstopper for cutover            
into production: Accounting Information.                                        
There are no accounting records written on the RS/6000. We understand           
that this might not be possible as PSF is not really invoked and you            
therefore don't know how many pages were produced etc.                          
On the host side we only get the started task as userid. There is a             
comment in the documentation that we should start several Host servers.         
This is not an acceptable solution if you have some hundred users.              
We really need a realistic solution to pass at least the AIX userid to          
the host. I understand that this might also require changes in the host         
PSF accounting exit as it's probably only the host PSF that knows what          
exactly was printed. Please help - are we the only ones that want               
accounting with upload?                                                         
Thank you for your feedback about AFP Upload.  I'll try to answer               
your background questions and make suggestions about how you may                
be able to satisfy the customer's requirements.                                 
1) Are you the only ones who want accounting with AFP Upload?                   
   No.  We've spoken with an internal customer and several                      
   external customers about how to satisfy accounting requirements.             
2) How does development intend customers to perform accounting                  
   with AFP Upload?                                                             
   a. For a small number of accounts, with multiple TCP/IP AFP Upload           
      servers or multiple SNA AFP Upload clients.  As you noted, this           
      approach isn't feasible for a large number of accounts.                   
   b. As you know, AIX users can specify various parameters when                
      they enqueue an AIX file to AFP Upload.  AFP Upload transfers             
      the file to the JES spool on MVS and associates with the JES             
      data set about a dozen of these parameters.  The parameters               
      are mostly OUTPUT parameters that apply to AFPDS (MO:DCA-P)               
      data sets and include:                                                    
      PSF/MVS invokes an accounting user exit (APSUX05) to generate             
      SMF records after it prints a data set.                                   
      Normally USERID and ACCOUNT are among the data items that                 
      APSUX05 places in the SMF record.  Customers then process SMF             
      records to generate accounting reports.  They often key their             
      account reporting on USERID and/or ACCOUNT.                               
      However, all of the SYSOUT data sets placed on the JES spool              
      by an AFP Upload server have the same USERID and ACCOUNT.                 
      So, AFP Upload customers who want accounting can modify the              
      APSUX05 user exit to place one of the other passed parameters,            
      like NAME, in the SMF records generated by PSF/MVS.  They                 
      could, for example, use the SWBTUREQ macro to obtain the NAME             
      parameter that was passed by AFP Upload and is associated with            
      the SYSOUT data set on the JES spool.                                     
      The customer would also need to modify their SMF reporting                
      procedures to key on this information for SMF records associated          
      with AFP Upload.                                                          
      Your customer could use an AIX shell script to automate the               
      provision of AIX username in the passed NAME parameter.  The              
      AFP Upload publications include a similar example to automate             
      class and destination.                                                    
3) Why doesn't AFP Upload generate accounting information for files             
   that are sent from the AIX system or received on the MVS system?             
   Most customers want accounting information to track what is                  
   PRINTED.  They do no not normally generate or want accounting                
   records for data that is TRANSMITTED.                                        
   With AFP Upload, files are not printed on the AIX system.  They              
   are simply transferred to the JES spool on the MVS system.  So,              
   having AFP Upload generate accounting records for data sent from             
   the AIX system would not satisfy the goal of accounting for data             
   that is PRINTED.                                                             
   Likewise, having AFP Upload generate SMF accounting records for              
   data that is received and placed on the JES spool would not                 
   satisfy this goal.                                                           
   For most customers, the appropriate time to generate accounting              
   records is after a data set is printed by PSF/MVS.  And PSF/MVS              
   does generate SMF records for data it prints that was transmitted            
   by AFP Upload.  And PSF/MVS provides a user exit that can be                 
4) Why do all data sets placed in the JES spool by an AFP Upload                
   server have the same USERID and ACCOUNT?  (And JOBNAME?)                     
   The MVS operating system does not allow an application, like                 
   AFP Upload, to specify the USERID and ACCOUNT that are associated            
   with SYSOUT data sets generated by the application.  MVS                     
   maintains the authenticity of accounting information by forcing             
   each user to provide a PASSWORD to log on and then automatically             
   attaching the user's USERID and an authorized ACCOUNT to all                 
   SYSOUT data sets that the user generates.                                    
   AFP Upload users haven't provided an MVS user id and password.               
   Most probably don't even have an MVS user id and password.                   
   From one perspective, it would be convenient if AFP Upload                   
   could use information passed from AIX to assign a USERID and                 
   ACCOUNT to SYSOUT data sets.  However, if MVS permitted this,                
   all accounting information would be based on the honor system.               
   A user could generate SYSOUT data sets and assign another                    
   user's USERID or ACCOUNT.  And desirable or not, MVS does not                
   permit it.                                                                   
   So, AFP Upload, like CICS and other applications that support                
   multiple users, generates SYSOUT data sets that all have the                 
   same USERID and ACCOUNT.                                                     
   Having a secure operating system is sometimes inconvenient.                  
I hope this information helps.  Please let me know if you have                  
follow-up questions.  Thank you.                                                
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