AIX 3.2.5 and Year 2000

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Can you possibly advise me re Year 2000 and AIX 3.2.5?                          
I am reliably informed that 3.2.5 IS year 2000 compliant.                       
However, The Year 2000 and 2 Digit Dates Planning and Implementation            
suggests that a PTF is required to make it so.                                  
Can you possibly clarify what fix if any is required?                           
Many Kind Thanks                                                                
Here's what was said on the Year 2000 forum :-                                  
AIX 3.2.5 is year 2000 compliant, although depending on the products            
have installed you may need to apply some PTFs.                                 
For more information concerning the level of compliance of IBM's                
(RS/6000 and AIX) you will find                                                 
information at , this         
the year 2000-ready IBM products listing within AIX.                            
The official IBM webpage for Y2000, is          
Your customer needs to ask his support people to check for APARs                
with the keyword "yr2000".                                                      

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