Classless Inter Domain Routing within AIX 4.1

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I have been advised that AIX 4.2.1 will support CIDR when it becomes            
However, I have been asked by a customer if there is any method of              
implementing CIDR within AIX 4.1                                                
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I have a question about IP.  Does AIX V4 support CIDR?                          
When I used smit tcpip to configure IP address and subnet,                      
such as subnetmask,  I got the following message.                 
....'lsattr:0514-530 Cannot display information about "route" because          
this type of attribute cannot be displayed.'                                    
What does above message mean?                                                   
Answer from Austin Labs......                                                   
CIDR is not currently supported in AIX (3.2.5, 4.1.x, or 4.2.x),                
nor is it currently in plan.  Since we do not support CIDR, which is            
the source of your 0514-530 error, there is no reported solution to             
why you are getting this error.  I believe that the lsattr error is             
appearing because AIX does not support CIDR.                                    
PMR number: E0261998760               Last changed: 97/01/30                    
Severity:                             Status: OP1L2                            
SO no, it is not in AIX 4.1.x. nor does it look like it will be                 
If the customer has to have this function, he should look at a 8260 or          
8210 Nways Switch or Hub.                                                       

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