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I have a customer when logged on to a x-station and he tries to                 
compile a program gets the message "Cannot load program xlcentry,               
not enough memory". But if he telnets from this same window he                  
can compile the program fine, have any idea's?                                  
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A: There have been similar problems reported in the past.  The reason           
   that your system is unable to load the 'xlcentry' program is because         
   your system limits for 'data segment' size are set too low.                  
   The 'xlcentry' program is often as large as 173 MB.  If either your          
   hard limits (modified with the 'chuser' command) or your soft limits         
   (set with the 'ulimit' command) are below this value, this program           
   will not load, and you will be unable to compile a program.                 
   To verify that this is the problem, immediately before attempting to         
   compile a program, issue the following commands.  (Note: you will need       
   root authority to issue the 'lsuser' command.)                               
      ulimit -a                                                                 
   The value of concern is the 'data' entry indicating data segment size.       
   Please also note that the lsuser 'data' value is given in 512 byte           
   blocks and therefore should appear to be half the ulimit 'data' value        
   which is given in 'kbytes'.                                                  
   If these values are lower than the size of the 'xlcentry' file, (which      
   can be determined with the 'size -f xlcentry' command) then limits are       
   your problem.                                                                
   To correct this problem, you can simply increase the size of your user       
   limits.  This can be accomplished with the following commands.               
      chuser data=524288                                              
        (does not take effect until next user login)                            
      ulimit -d 262144                                                          
        (only affects the current login session)                                
   This should correct your customer's problem.                                 
   Your customer is able to compile normally in a telnet window because        
   the user limits set up in that window are somehow different.  My best        
   guess is that your customer is using xdm.  If she is, she should be          
   aware that current releases of xdm do not properly load and use user         
   limits.  (Telnet sessions do not have this problem.  They correctly          
   load user limits.)                                                           
   (There is currently an APAR, IX34205, on this xdm limits problem.  You       
   may wish to contact IBM Software Services and determine that status          
   of this APAR.)                                                               
   If your customer is using xdm, she can correct the problem she is            
   experiencing by adding the 'ulimit -d 262144' line mentioned above to        
   her '.profile'                                                               
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