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We have dataless Riscsystem 220s connected via Ethernet to a                    
Riscsystem 950 server.  We are running HCON/SNA Services for                    
sessions to their mainframe; these sessions run in an AIXTerm window.           
To start a mainframe session, the user uses his mouse to click on               
"Mainframe", then "Start Mainframe".  This starts the e789x session.            
To stop a mainframe session, the user uses his mouse to get a popup             
menu -- "Mainframe", then "Exit Mainframe".  After some problems with           
HCON, I discovered that the "Exit Mainframe" selection was programmed           
to run the "e789cln" command -- which is not the normal way to stop an          
HCON session; this command creates errors which show up the hconerror           
error log and apparently all IPC resources are also not released.  I            
have informed the customer that the "Exit Mainframe" selection should           
be reprogrammed to execute CTRL-D twice -- which is the "normal" way to        
end an HCON session.  However, they cannot determine how to do this.            
I have printed out several items from the database but am not sure if           
any of them will help in this specific situation.  Can you explain              
what they need to do?                                                           
Second related question --  I have also discovered that some of the             
end-users are using a mouse to simply click on the upper-left button            
in the AIXterm window to end their mainframe session.  This closes              
the window, of course, but also is not the "normal" way to exit an              
HCON session and it also causes errors.  I have asked those users to            
simply type CTL-D twice to exit (these particular users don't have the          
popup menu for "Exit Mainframe" mentioned above).  However, I think in          
the final analysis we'll need a way to either disable that button on            
the AIXterm window or reprogram it too so that it executes CTL-D twice.         
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A: Unfortunately, you won't be able to get this to work.  The Motif             
Window Manager menu that you are popping up on the root window can't            
communicate directly to a non-X Window System application.  The way the         
e789 application is coded you need to press Ctrl-D while in the program's       
If you wish, you can change this control sequence with hconutil.                
As for the Close function in the window menu; you can remove the menu           
button from the window manager decorations by placing the following line        
in your .Xdefaults or app-defaults file.                                        
Mwm*test*clientDecoration   : resizeh maximize minimize                         
I then start the aixterm with "-name test".  This restricts the change to       
just this one client and not all the windows.                                   
You can also change the .mwmrc file and eliminate the "Close" line from         
the Menu DefaultWindowMenu stanza.  However, this is NOT recommended.  It       
can create a problem if the application hangs and you have no way to kill       
the client.                                                                     
I would instead change that line to the following:                              
    "Close"     _C      AltF4      f.menu "check"                          
Menu check                                                                      
   "Are you Sure?"      f.title                                                 
    no-label            f.separator                                             
    "Close"     _C      f.kill                                                  
This will require them to close from the secondary popup.  This extra           
step should catch their attention and remind them to logoff the hcon            
session correctly.  Of course, you can change "Are you Sure?" to any            
appropriate message.                                                            
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A:   The function of e789cln is to stop HCON sessions associated with a         
   particular user and then clean up the associated resources.  Each time       
   you execute e789 to start sessions, 2 processes are started: e789 and        
   e789x, and 3 IPC queues are assigned to the session.  A shared memory       
   segment is also either created or attached to for/by the session.  If        
   a session is ended abnormally (for example: a session started from an        
   X-window is active when all of a sudden, X-windows is killed), the           
   resources that are allocated for that session (the shared memory             
   segment, the 3 IPC queues, the e789 and e789x processes) are still           
   active even though you cannot restart or re-access the session.              
   Control-D Control-D is normally used to stop an HCON session.  This          
   key sequence signals the hcondmn process to remove the processes and         
   IPC resources that are associated with the session that the Control-D        
   Control-D (QUIT) was issued from.  Since in our example, X-windows           
   was killed and as a result the HCON session is un-accessible, you            
   cannot issue the QUIT.  This is where e789cln is used.  e789cln              
   removes all resources (shared memory segments and IPC Queues) and            
   stops the e789 and e789x processes for the specified session.               
   I have tried issuing the e789cln command and stopping sessions that          
   were active (the sessions had a PROFS login screen displayed).  These        
   sessions terminated fine and no errors were posted to the hconerrors         
   file.  The message you reference seems to indicate that something else       
   happened to the X-window that the session was invoked from prior to          
   the e789cln function being selected.  In fact, the message that you          
   reference advises you to use e789cln ("Use the e789cln command to            
   clean up the IPC resources").  As I mentioned, I was able to stop            
   sessions using e789cln (these sessions were running in an X-window)          
   without logging any errors.  Another thing to try would be to issue          
   the e789lcn command from another window rather than using your               
   customer's utility.  See if you get the same errors in the hconerrors        
     You are correct.  The e789 and e789x processes (as well as the IPC         
   resources and shared memory segments) are not stopped until the second       
   Control-D is issued.                                                         
     The only thing that hconutil will allow you to do is to remap the          
   function of one key to another.  This will not benefit your customer's       
   "point and click" application.  The g32_3270 will not benefit your           
   customer either.                                                             
   So in nutshell, I don't believe that e789cln should be generating            
   these errors.  Check and see if the customer's "point and click"             
   application is doing anything in addition to e789cln.                        
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