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Customer has 7012-32H system unit.  He wants to purchase 7208-011.              
The CFRS6000 configurator warned that the SCSI controller part                  
number and FRU number should be checked via lscfg.  If the                      
part number and FRU number matched one of those on the list, then               
IBM -SERV should be called and ECA 104 should be ordered.                       
The customer checked his SCSI controller and the                                
part number was 00G1887, FRU number = 00G1897                                   
which matched a pair on the list from the configurator.                         
The customer then called IBM-SERV to order ECA 104 but                          
was told that he doesn't need this ECA.                                        
1) Can you tell me why he wouldn't need the ECA 104?                            
2) Is there some other ECA required?                                            
3) Is the configurator wrong?                                                   
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A: 1) ECA 104 still needs to be ordered.  I found a statement that              
   explains why the Configurator provided the warning from a Natboard           
   entry (1993).                                                                
A problem has been discovered when booting a system using a 8mm 5GB tape        
drive (7208-011 & feature codes 6144, 6147, 6148, 6149). There is a            
microcode incompatibility between the microcode on this tape drive and          
the microcode on some RISC System/6000 SCSI controllers. This problem           
only occurs when booting from this tape drive; and even then it will            
only occur if attached to certain levels of the SCSI controller.                
The symptom is that the system will appear to boot successfully but will        
have file corruption. Some corruption can be detected as check sum              
errors, some may be detected as operational errors, and some may not be         
detectable at all.                                                              
If you have ever installed from an AIX software distribution tape or            
from a mksysb tape using the 8MM 5GB tape drive, it is possible that            
files have been corrupted. Only files that are in rootvg could be               
corrupted.  If you have your applications or application data in rootvg,        
they could possibly be corrupted. You will need to take action to              
correct and to prevent any additional file corruption.                          
If you have an 8mm 5GB tape drive and you are using it for boot                 
purposes, check the SCSI controller to which the tape drive is attached.        
You can do this by executing the following AIX command: {lscfg -v | pg}         
and then viewing the results on the display screen.  You hit enter to           
page down and minus enter to page up.  Look for the part number for the         
embedded controllers under the heading "sio0"; look for the part number         
of the SCSI adapter cards under the heading "scsiX" where X is any              
If your controller is listed below, then please order the proper                
Engineering Change Announcement (ECA) from this list by calling                 
(NOTE: Have your Machine type and Serial number available when you call)        
       *  If the SCSI controller is a microchannel adapter card P/N             
          71F0913 or P/N 00G2362 or P/N 00G1887, order ECA 104.                 
       *  If the SCSI controller is embedded in the I/O planar of a 7012        
          Model 340 or 350; and the I/O planar is P/N 51G9052 or P/N            
          51G8631 or P/N 32G0163, order ECA 105 for Model 340 and ECA           
          106 for model 350. (See Note 1 below)                                 
       *  If the SCSI controller is embedded in the I/O planar on a 7015        
          Model 970 or 980; and the I/O planar is P/N 43G2216 or P/N            
          52G1265, order ECA 107 for model 970 and ECA 108 for model 980        
          (See Note 1 below)                                                    
If you use the tape drive on multiple systems, you would want to order          
the proper ECA for any card/planar to which you are likely to attach the        
tape drive. If you apply the ECA to an embedded controller, that ECA           
will cause the boot to perform properly from any adapter used in that           
If the SCSI controller you are using is not on the list above, you              
should not have this problem.                                                   
Note 1: The fix for the embedded controllers is a two part fix. One part        
is the hardware included in the ECA. The other part is the installation         
of APAR IX34396 which is equivalent to PTF U416529. This APAR/PTF can be        
installed by editing a line in two files as described in the APAR; if           
you are not comfortable with editing the files, then please order the           
PTF as soon as possible.                                                        
   Actually, U416529 has been superceded by U435115.                            
2) No other ECA is required.                                                    
3) The Configurator is correct on this one.                                     
Thank you.                                                                      
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I need additional clarification.  First you said that ECA 104                   
is still required.  At the end of your response, you mention                    
2 ptf's (one superceded by the other) and then you say that                     
no other ECA is required.  Please clarify what is / is not                     
required (ptf?,  ECA 104?).  Thanks                                             
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A: Please order ECA 104 and PTF U435115.                                        
   Thank you.                                                                   
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Thanks for your clarification.                                                  
Regarding ptf U534115, can you tell me if it is in AIX level                    
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A: No, you will have to order PTF U435115 separately.                           
   Thank you.                                                                   
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