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I just installed the C ++ POWERBENCH product on a 250 with                      
aix 3.2.5.  I also installed NetLS.  I then called and received a               
temporary key based on my uname for nodelock usage.  After                      
several gyrations of going back and forth with the licensing group,             
I was able to get the xlC and workbench products to run. However                
it takes 5 minutes for the first workbench window to come up                    
on the screen and about 3 minutes to compile a 1 line "hello world"             
program.  Every other aspect of the machine performs the way it should.         
(for example, I can load info off a cd rom in about 4 secs.)                    
So I'm pretty sure the performance issue is related to the licensing.           
What I've done so far.                                                          
    1. Installed C++ Powerbench                                                 
    2. Installed Netls                                                          
    3. Configured Netls                                                        
    4. Used ls_target to get the ID                                             
    5. called and received a key"nodelocked version"                            
    6. put the key in the /usr/lpp/netls/coif/nodelock file                     
    7. Tried to run xlC and powerbench.  Both failed with license error.        
    8. disabled netls and rebooted so llbd and glbd and netlsd would            
       not run.                                                                 
    9. Took down ypbind                                                         
   10. rebooted                                                                 
   11. tried to run xlC and workbench again. Same error.                        
   12. Went to a different machine, installed powerbench, called for            
       key, set up nodelock file without Netls and everything ran fine.         
  13.  went back to first machine.                                              
  14.  de-installed powerbench and reinstalled                                  
  15. called for new key.                                                       
  16. recreated nodelock file several times.                                   
  17. rebooted                                                                  
  18. Finally was able to get xlc to run (but very slowly). At least            
      no license error.                                                         
  19. Put back netlsd , rc.ncs (for gllbd and llbd) and rebooted.               
  20. Still runs very slow.                                                     
  Any ideas ?                                                                   
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A:  The performance you are experiencing is not normal.  When properly          
    configured, NetLS enabled applications only take a few seconds longer       
    to run.  We must determine what is wrong with your configuration.           
    From reading your question, I suspect there is something wrong              
    with your nodelock file.  Because of this, your applications                
    are looking out on the network for a license server.  Since you            
    are using nodelocked, you probably haven't configured your system           
    to use the network license server.  This causes the long delay              
    in finding the license.                                                     
    When you are using only nodelocked licenses, you do not need any            
    of the netls-related daemons (llbd, glbd, netlsd) to run on                 
    your system.  These are only needed if you are using an network             
    license server.  I suggest that we stop your system from requesting         
    the network license, then address the nodelocked problem.                   
    To do so, follow these steps.                                               
    1) Edit the /etc/rc.ncs file.  Comment out all lines that                   
       start llbd and glbd.                                                     
    2) Edit the /etc/rc.netls file.  Comment out all lines related              
       to the starting of netlsd.                                              
    3) Remove the file /etc/ncs/glb_obj.txt.  NCS uses this file                
       to find NetLS servers on the network, even if llbd and glbd              
       are not running on the system.                                           
    4) Stop llbd, glbd, and netlsd if running.                                  
    Now we should only be using the nodelocked file to get licenses.            
    NetLS enabled applications are hard coded to look at the                    
    "/usr/lib/netls/conf/nodelock" file for licenses.  I noticed                
    you stated that you put the nodelock file in                                
    "/usr/lpp/netls/coif/nodelock".  I assume "coif" is a typo, but             
    if you are truly using "/usr/lpp" instead of "/usr/lib" you                 
    need to change this.                                                        
    Once the proper nodelock file is established there are a few                
    common problems you should check for.                                      
    1) Make sure nodelock has permissions 644, is owned by root,                
       and is a member of the system group.                                     
    2) Make sure the date and time on your system clock is correct.             
       I have seen a case where a new license did not work because              
       the date on the system clock was set for four months earlier.            
    3) Make sure that the vendor id and password are correct.  These            
       passwords are long.  One incorrect character can cause the               
       authentication to fail.                                                  
    If you are still having difficulties with this after trying                 
    the above suggestions, please respond back.  Please provide                 
    any additional information that will allow me to recreate                  
    your problem.  Also, If you do determine what is causing                    
    this problem, I would be very interested in hearing how                     
    you resolved it.                                                            
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I found that there are three things the netls daemon does when it               
starts. 1. Find it's own hostname.  2. Check for nodelock file.                 
3. If no nodelock file, check around network for other netls                    
servers.  I was getting hung up on the first step. Even though                  
I was trying to reun a nodelock setup, because of the /etc/resolv.conf          
file, I was trying to communicate with a nameserver which was                   
having difficulties at the time.  I thought since I was running                 
nodelocked, I would ignore the network. Not always true.                        
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