HACMP/6000 Version 3.1.1 Now Supports Eight-way SSA

ITEM: RTA000099089

HACMP/6000 Version 3.1.1 Now Supports Eight-way SSA         Aug 9, 1996         
HACMP/6000* Version 3.1.1 now supports the Enhanced SSA 4-Port Adapter          
(#6216), announced on April 23, 1996.  This new adapter offers four             
times the initiators (eight total) as the existing SSA 4-Port Adapter           
(#6214) at less than two times the price.  Now, HACMP clusters that             
utilize SSA disk subsystems can be configured with up to eight nodes,           
providing expanded configuration capability.                                    
See product announcement 196-082 for additional details on the                  
Enhanced SSA 4-Port Adapter.  Program Temporary Fix (PTF) U443305               
is required for HACMP/6000 3.1.1. support of this adapter.                      
For questions, send a note to Brad Diggs, DALVMIC1(DIGGS).                      
*   Trademark or registered trademark of International Business                 
    Machines Corporation.                                                       
S e a r c h - k e y w o r d s:                                                  
AIX HACMP                                                                       

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