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I am trying to setup a slip connection. We can issue the slattach to            
dial the remote system and we appear to make a connection. The two              
systems can't ping each other however. The remote system gets the               
following message when it attempts to ping:                                     
0821-069 ping: sendto: There is not enough buffer space for the                 
requested socket operation.                                                     
When trying to ping from the local system, it appears to be trying,             
the modem transmits, but the remote system doesn't respond.                     
netstat -i on the remote system shows output errors on the slip                 
interface. I couldn't find any reference to the 0821-069 message in             
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In the meanwhile, the situation you describe (again, I'm making some            
assumptions) has been reported as being related to a backlevel 64-port          
card. If you are using this adapter card, try reconfiguring slip on one         
of the native adapters. One of our IRs had the identical problem ( at           
the 3005 level). I need to know the level of software, the adapter              
that you're using (I've assumed the 64-port), the speed, modem type,            
etc ......                                                                      
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The problem is indeed the 64-port card. We were able to get SLIP to             
work on the native serial port. Is this only a problem with some older          
cards? If so, the customer would like their CE to replace the card with        
a newer one. Is there any way to identify which cards have this                 
problem either by looking at the card or by looking in the VPD? We don't        
want to replace it with another down-level card.                                
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A: The EPROM microcode that may be back level is located in the 16-port         
concentrator box. Remove the cover of the concentrator box, there               
should be white stickers on the EPROMs. The latest level is 4.0.                
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