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Will AADU be usable in this scenario.                                           
My customer has PC's connected via telephone twisted pair to                    
a terminal server ( Xylogics ). The Terminal server is connected to             
a RS6000 via a thick Ethernet drop cable. My customer wants to                  
create a " DOS shell " on the RS6000 so that they can run DOS applic-           
ations on the RS6000.  I know that AADU will set up a connection to             
the RS6000 and allow DOS applications to run from the RISC box, but will        
AADU allow me to connect to the Terminal server ?? The PC's are conn-           
ected via a rs232 cable from a comm. port on the back of the PC and             
connected to a RJ-45 wall adapter. The adapter is connected to a               
patch panel through telephone twisted pair. The patch panel is connected        
to the Term. Server through 50 Pin telco cables.  ( Sorry about the             
detailed connection, but I wanted you to know the hardware setup ).             
The PC's are running under DOS and are running both kermit and                  
EM320 emulation packages.                                                       
Beyond connecting to the Term. Server I want the PC's to be able to             
connect to the RS6000.  AADU can attach via a Async connection right ??         
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A: Currently, the RISC does not support terminal servers. While AADU            
   does support a serial connection, the existence of the terminal              
   server attached to the ethernet between the RISC and the PCs is              
   not supported. It may work, but it has not been tested, so I cannot          
   give you any information on how to configure it.                             
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