How to set -o flags in a PSM-PSF server as defaults

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Printer Systems (PRINT - NA/ATS)                                                
 Printing Systems Manager (PSM)                                                 
I'm trying to print variable data with overlays. The data come from a VM        
system in which the lpr command is being executed.                              
In order to process the file with the correct -o flags I have to set            
those somewhere in the server. It's running PSM V1.2.1, PSF/AIX 2.1 and         
AIX V4.3.1.                                                                     
I tried to create a default document in which there's a parameter called        
Other options, I think it's under the PSF Line Data tag, but PSM               
does not allow me to use the "=" sign for example, when I type                  
the following: -occ=yes -occtype=z ,etc. PSM tells me that found an             
invalid character in the string specified.                                      
In the AS/400 environment I'm passing those -o flags through the out            
queue defined in the AS/400 and this string is being recorded in the            
Other options tag.                                                              
The quetion is, how can I set these -o flags in the server as the VM lpr        
command can't pass them to the AIX machine?                                     
Thank you in advance for your help.                                             
Regards, Rolando.                                                               
Hi Rolando,                                                                    
I think you are trying to set this in the correct place, however you            
are finding out, those are invalid characters for the GUI.  To set this         
manually, you'll need to use the pdset command.  You should be able to          
make the change this way.                                                       
pdset -c i-v-d -x "other-transform-options='-occ=yes -occtype=a'"  \            
These attributes are also settable as attributes in the GUI in the              
default document attributes under the PSF Line Data button, called              
"New Line option" and "Type of carriage control characters".  See the           
reference manual for a description of the correct values.                       
I hope this hopes.                                                              
Thank you for using WWQ&A.                                                     
S e a r c h - k e y w o r d s:                                                  
psm pdset psf attributed gui pdadmin carriage control cctype cc                 
transform options                                                               

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