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Printer Systems (PRINT - NA/ATS)                                                
 Printing Systems Manager (PSM)                                                 
Customer (NYH) experiences the following problem with PSM attached              
printers and is looking for a graceful way to recover.  Please advise.          
Customer engineer services a networked attached printer. During the             
service the CE powers off the printer. When service is complete the CE          
returns the printer to the customer.  The customer tries to send jobs to        
the printer but as soon as the physical printer icon is enabled it              
returns to black (disabled) and posts a needs key operator message in           
the spooler.  However there is no problem at the printer.  The problem         
is that PSM has lost track of the printer.                                      
The customer needs to reestablish communications with the printer.  We          
are currently shutting down the spooler and then restarting it.  However        
this requires all printers on that spool to be taken offline.  What is          
the recommended procedure for reestablishing printer communications?            
Where is this documented?                                                       
The responder who is best able to address this item is out of the office        
until Monday. If you need a response before then, please update this            
item. Otherwise, thank you for your patience.                                   
I'm sorry for the delay in my response.                                         
I am assuming that you are talking about PSF printers, since you                
wouldn't have this problem with AIX printers.  The "pdclean" command            
should "flush" any jobs or processes that may be hung and possibly              
causing this problem.  This command should reset the printer and                
communications should be re-established.  Please see the man pages or           
Commands Reference for the syntax of the command and how to use it.             
Please let me know if this does not resolve the communication problem.          
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