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Printer Systems (PRINT - NA/ATS)                                                
 Printing Systems Manager (PSM)                                                 
Is it possible to modify the header page that is invoked by the Windows         
and OS/2 clients?                                                               
If the answer is yes, can you tell me how it can be done or at least if         
there 's documentation to take a look at it.                                    
Do you know if the file that contains the banner differs if PSM is              
running with root or with any other user?                                       
Thank you in advance.                                                           
Is PSF/AIX also being used, or is it just PSM managing AIX printers?            
Although they have PSF for AIX installed, in this specific case they are        
using PSM only.                                                                 
When you say "modify" are talking about building a "custom" header, i.e         
changing the look and content of what is on the header?  Or is your             
intention for the job submittor to be able to change the header info            
on the fly, as with attributes in the print command?                            
There is no way for the submittor to control the appearance of aux              
sheets (headers).  The can request to have aux sheets on/off via the            
aux-sheet-select attribute, but only if the admin allows this via               
properly setting up the printer's aux-sheet-select-supported attribute.         
As for changing the format of the aux sheets, this can be done.  The            
proceedure is different for AIX and PSF printers (BSD offers no control         
of the appearance).  Page 141, Chapter 7 of the PSM Administration              
guide explains how to create your own aux-sheet.                                
If you are needing to actually change the content of the header, you            
would have to write your own header user exit.  The header user exit            
(for PSF printers) is the program that is actually putting the content          
together.  Page 217 of the PSF Administration Guide (S544-3817-03)              
talks about creating your own user exit program.  PSF for AIX supplies         
some sample programs in /usr/lpp/psf/exits.  This is the source code            
for the user exit programs.  If you are a C programmer, you can use             
this code as an example and write your own, with the content you                
desire.  Once the program is written, you would refer back to the               
PSM Admin guide above (chapter 7) and set the attribute "psf-exit-              
program" to the program name you have created.                                  
Please respond to this item if I am way off base on what you are                
looking for.  If I'm off, please provide more specific information.             
Thank you for using WWQ&A.                                                      
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