Where to find PSM maintenance and attach a printer adapter to adapter.

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Printer Systems (PRINT - NA/ATS)                                                
 Printing Systems Manager (PSM)                                                 
I'm working on a new PSM implementation in which there will be AS/400           
and RS/6000 clients. The server will drive an IP4005 highlight color. I         
need to know the latest PTF's for PSM and PSF/6000 to support this              
printer and barcode printing. The printer is ethernet 10BaseT attached.         
Is it possible to connect this high speed printer directly to the               
RS/6000 through a cable LAN adapter to LAN adapter. I might be confused         
but I've heard that it can be done through a cross over cable. If I'm           
right, do you know the proper cable configuration for this attachment           
or where can I get this info?                                                  
Thanks in advance.                                                              
The latest ptfs are:                                                            
psm.client on AIX 4.1.x and higher = U458750                                    
psm.client on AIX 3.2.5 = U457224                                               
psmgui on AIX 4.1.x and higher = U450496                                        
psmgui on AIX 3.2.5 = U450497                                                   
I don't think you can attach the ethernet directly from adapter to              
adapter, but I am going to research this.  Researching and leaving open.        
Yes, you can use a cross over cable to directly connect adapter to             
adapter.  The closest I can find out is that pins 2 and 3 are the               
"cross over".  They need to be switched.  Sorry I don't have that kind          
of information available.                                                       
All the psf and psm maintenance ptfs and information ptf's can be found         
at the ftp site:  service.boulder.ibm.com (  The PSM              
ptfs are in the /aix/fixes/v4/other directory and the PSF ptfs are in           
the /printers/products/psfaix/fixes directory.  Simply look for the             
highest number ptf for the product you are wanting.  There are .bff             
filesets that are the binary code of the ptf and there are                      
corresponding .info files that contain information about the ptf                
including what version of AIX you are needing.                                  
To get to the site, ftp to service.boulder.ibm.com (or the ipaddress):          
ftp service.boulder.ibm.com                                                     
Login as "anonymous"                                                            
use your e-mail address as a password: johndoe@us.ibm.com                       
Then cd to the directory and do an ls to list the information.  Be              
sure that you download the files in binary mode (issuing the "bin"              
ftp subcommand).                                                                
This is where I go to find out what the latest ptfs are.                        
The PSF ptfs are:                                                               
psf.acif  UQ22238                                                               
psf.pcl   U447344                                                              
psf.ppfa  UQ22407                                                               
psf.ps    U461504                                                               
psf.sap   U460109                                                               
psf.man   U453812                                                               
psf.base  U461644                                                               
Please let me know if you need any further assistance finding the               
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