Nways for AIX & 8239

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Could you please answer the following queries for me:                           
1. Does Nways Manager for AIX version 1.2 manage the 8239 TR Hub?               
2. If ywes, how does it do this?                                                
3. Can it do device management?                                                 
Thanks very much for your assistance with this.                                 
No, the support for 8239 is not in the NWAYS Manager for AIX v1.2.1 but         
is included in the subsequent release v1.2.2 which was released just            
last week. The release may not be available for a few days but will             
be under APAR IX80630 which is PTF U458746.                                    
Device management is contained in the v1.2.2 release for 8239 through           
Java Management Application(JMA).                                               
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