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Q:  Question:                                                                   
    Does CICS/6000 support alternate indexes for VSAM files ?                   
    My user wants to migrate an application from a MVS/CICS host                
    and needs this support.  Can you recommend which manuals                    
    might be helpful for the user to use for the migration.                     
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R:  Response:                                                                   
    The CICS API (EXEC CICS READ, WRITE, DELETE, UNLOCK, etc.)                  
    that deals with 'VSAM' support (actually provided by SFS                    
    (the Encina Structure File Server)) is fully supported by                   
    SC33-0931 AIX CICS/6000 Customization and Operation contains                
    several discussions of CICS/6000 interaction with SFS to                    
    include an overview discussion, resource definitions,                       
    security, setting up logservers and SFSs, etc.                              
    SC33-33-0814 AIX CICS/6000 Application Programming Guide has                
    a Chapter on 'File Services', and SC33-0886 AIX CICS/6000                   
    Application Programming Reference discusses the API Commands                
    in detail.                                                                  
    You may also want to get SC33-1007 CICS Family API Guide                    
    which details the entire CICS API and what parts of it are                  
    supported on each of the current IBM CICS platforms.  This                  
    manual will probably be most helpful for migration.  You may                
    also want to consider taking some of you user's programs and               
    running them through the CICS/6000 translator to see what it                
    complains about.                                                            
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