Disk replacement on rs/6000

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One of the most time consumming jobs on RS/6000                                 
(and other systems) is the replacement of hard                                  
disks and the integrity of customer data after                                  
My question: is there a kind of roadmap for                                     
customer engineers to replace a disk in different                               
environments of RS/6000 systems that can give                                   
more guaranty of data integrity and system availability ?                       
    -in case of mirroring                                                       
    -in case of high availability                                               
    -in case of AIX, placed on different PV's                                   
I see different publications about this topic                                  
But does there exist an overview about that topic,                             
or is it possible to publish a clear overview                                   
about it ?                                                                      
   Unfortunately there is no Overview Guide from IBM that covers the            
   data integrity issue of a hard disk replacement.  There are as you           
   mentioned many different sources for this information but no one             
   all encompassing guide for this issue.                                       
   I will be passing on your request for the possibility of such a              
   guide being written to the ITSO and will update this item as                 
   it progresses.                                                               
S e a r c h - k e y w o r d s:                                                 
HARDWARE DISK REPLACE AIX                                                       

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