SNA Application Access cross domain using X.25

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Hello, we want to connect a RS/6000 with Application Access to a host           
using X.25.                                                                     
Actually we have the following configuration:                                   
 +--------------+      +-----------------+              AS/400(1)               
    certi1      eth        certi2          X25                              
   SNA/AA 1.2  +------+  SNA/Server 3.1 +------------- AS/400(2)               
 +--------------+      +-----------------+              AS/400(n)               
 Several AS/400's connect certi2 thru X25, certi2 get sessions from             
SNA/AA on certi1 and SNA/Gateway is responsible for delivering                  
those sessions to the AS/400.                                                   
Now we want to connect to a Host S/390 system using the X25 network.           
A couple of questions:                                                          
1.-Is it possible to run SNA/AA and SNA/Server in the same                      
   machine ??? So, the host is going to be adjacent to the SNA/AA               
   and falls in the cross domain configuration of the SNA/AA                    
2.-Is it possible to connect the host via X.25 to certi2 machine                
   and then to certi1 machine ??? We are not sure about the                     
   SSCP-SSCP session if could go thru the certi machine, and what               
   happens with the commands for activate the virtual and explicits             
 Yes it is possible to run SNA/AA and Comm. Server on the same                  
 box.  The two can share a LAN adapter as long as each uses distinct            
 local SAP addresses.  For an SDLC adapter, each would need to                  
 use a distinct port.  If the intent is for Comm. Server to talk                
 to SNA AA on the same box then two token-ring adapters will be                 
 required.  Using two adapters, you can create a loop back                      
 The SNA Gateway cannot carry FID4 traffic (Cross-domain sessions).             
 Thus you cannot use the SNA Gateway product to provide X.25                    
 access to SNA AA from remote SNA hosts.                                       
S e a r c h - k e y w o r d s:                                                  
X.25 COMM SERVER AIX SNA APPLICATION ACCESS VTAM                                

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