How to Reflect the Update to ovsnmp.conf

ITEM: RTA000078920

I'd like to know about editing /usr/OV/conf/ovsnmp.conf file.                   
We are planning to update the containts of this file by a bacth                 
shell script because of some application reasons.                               
But I'm afraid we have to reflect the updates explicitly after                  
editing the file. (For example, restarting netmon...)                           
   Do we have to run any commands right after editing ovsnmp.conf,              
   to reflect the update?                                                       
   If not, when is the update reflected?                                        
From development:                                                               
  Tell them to use xnmsnmpconf                                                  
From ITSO:                                                                      
  If you CANNOT use xnmsnmpconf and need a change to NetView                    
  for AIX you will have to write up a request and I will forward                
  it to the developers for their input and evaluation.                          
S e a r c h - k e y w o r d s:                                                  

WWQA: ITEM: RTA000078920 ITEM: RTA000078920
Dated: 01/1996 Category: ITSCSAIXNV6
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