How to manage HP intelligent HUB by AIX Netview/6000 V2R1.

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I would like to know about network management for multi-vendor                  
environment using AIX NetView/6000 V2R1.                                        
Now, my customer would like to manage HP Intelligent HUB (HP28688B)             
by NetView/6000 V2R1. About this case, may understanding is                     
the following.                                                                  
1) We can see HP HUB's MIB which is MIB-2 and HP HUB's private MIB              
   by NetView/6000 V2R1. But we need to load HP's MIB to NetView/6000           
   V2R1 before browsing MIB.                                                    
2) We can build Applications which shows performance data of HP HUB             
   with graphic form by MIB Application Builder.                                
3) We can set threshold value for HP HUB and configure specific action         
   for this threshold event by MIB Data Collection and Event                    
4) We can use Event Configuration to configure specific action for              
   HP HUB's trap and event.                                                     
5) We can send alert to host Netview, if some events are occurred               
   at HP HUB. And if we need to know more detail information about              
   this event, we can customize information of the alert by Alert               
Is this understanding correct? And is there any suggestion about                
Thank you.                                                                     
All your above are good assumptions.                                            
I have no comment about what the HP subagent may send you (traps);              
you will have to check on that with HP.  I mention this, because you            
say you will configure specific action for HP HUB's trap and event.             
You will have to have the customer determine what the enterprise-specific       
traps are and determine how you will use this information in your               
AIX NetView/6000 event configuration efforts.                                   
In addition to what you list, keep in mind that you can use the API             
as per the workshop sample EUI APIs if there is information you should         
show "graphically" other than performance (which you already have               
covered).  The sample APIs are written up in: GG24-4059 "Examples of            
Using AIX NetView/6000 APIs".                                                   
Also, some other aspects of managing the HUB may come into play as you          
forge along; such as telnet into the HUB and HUB configuration actions.         
This work may only require "normal" tcpip actions -- but, some hubs             
require asynch terminal access to do the actual configuration step.             
You can check these plans out with the customer and see if there is             
something you can/need to take into consideration from the system in            
which AIX NetView/6000 is residing.                                             
S e a r c h - k e y w o r d s:                                                  
APIS EVENT CONFIGURATION                                                        

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