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 I have set up AIX NetView/6000 event configuration for a customer to           
 execute shell scripts for information storage.                                 
 The customer wants to have statistics every time:                              
        *  An interface is up/down on several cisco routers.                    
        *  Every time a node is up/down (any node)                              
 For the interface up/down I'm sending traps from cisco routers                 
 to Netview/6000 ( generic: 2 and 3 specific: 0, Enterprise: cisco)             
 When NetView/6000 gets those traps my shell script is executed.                
 For the node up/down I have defined nv/6000 events (Generic: 6                 
 specific: 58916864 and 58916865), when nv/6000 discovers those                
 nodes being up/down i execute another shell script.                            
 I have a small problem:                                                        
Everything works fine --                                                        
except for the cisco routers connected to the SAME Token Ring                   
as my manager. Every time i get interface up (cisco trap).                      
I also get interface up event (NetView/6000 event) that is OK.                  
BUT I also get NODE UP event (netview/6000 event) in spite of                   
that the whole machine was not down and I had other interfaces up.              
So my statistics are getting destroyed by too many NODE UP's.                   
PLEASE note that this is only true for the cisco routers that are               
connected to the same LAN segment (T/R) that my manager. Other                  
cisco routers (connected via WAN) they just send interface up (trap).           
This is "working as designed".                                                  
   If a node has multiple interfaces and one if the interfaces goes down        
   you end up with an interface down event.                                     
   If you look at the object (for example: using ovobjprint -s objecname)       
   you will see that the status of the object is Marginal.                      
   Once all the interfaces come active, you will end up with                    
   a node-up event.                                                             
   For you to check on this, you will have to develop                           
   some kind of logic which takes the above into consideration.                 
S e a r c h - k e y w o r d s:                                                  
NODE UP INTERFACE UP                                                            

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