Synchronizing in read-only mode

ITEM: RTA000072124

A map in READ-ONLY mode prints the message "synchronizing" all the time.        
Is this because READ-ONLY gives the same restrictions as a real                 
synchronizing or how should this be interpreted?                                
- The number of users (and maps) is normaly 3.                                  
- Latest PTF was U426327                                                        
- ovtopofix has been used with no aftect regarding synchronization.             
The "synchronizing" is a system-wide matter, resulting from an ovw call         
to synchronize -- and, this synchronization occurs when a daemon issues        
the call to synchronize.  This happens (for example) when submaps are           
being built.  During synchronization, the symptom is the same to all            
operators -- whether read/write or read/only makes no difference.               
I assume that, based upon your answer, you are on three separate                
terminals (you are not opening up two maps on the same terminal, for            
example) -- I ask this, since I have not seen the problem on our systems;       
but, our network is no doubt small compared to yours.                           
Development came back with:                                                     
 We'll have to wait for U428927 to become available for                         
 fixes to apars IX42653, IX41409 which are related to this                      
 Development is working on this problem of                                      
 READ-ONLY maps and the 2 apars above fix part of the problems but              
 not sure if its fixes all of problem.                                          
I will close this query as a defect-related problem.  If you open a             
RETAIN item, you will get notification of the above apars, etc. -- but,         
if the customer is only asking about "why the synchronization is on all         
the time".... tell him/her it should NOT be and development is working          
on the problem.... and I will let you know offline if we get the PTF            
before it is GA.  I have told development that if they want a test-site         
for the PTF you would be a good candidate¢                                      
AIX "info" contains quite a bit of discussion on synchronization if            
you/the customer wants to review that.                                          
S e a r c h - k e y w o r d s:                                                  

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