Questions about Netview/6000 and Netview Service Point.

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I would like to confirm the option of tralertd and spappld daemons.             
Both tralertd and spappld have -p flag. In NV/6000 Programer's                  
Reference, it is written that tralertd's -p flag is for specifing               
PU name (included X'05' subvector), and spappld's -p flag is for                
specifing APPL name of NV/SP (using for execute RUNCMD).                        
But on Netview/6000 V2R1's SMIT panel of "Set Options for spappld               
and tralertd daemon" (# smit nv601ac2 and nv601ac1) -p flag's field             
is described "Service point application name".                                  
Is this correct ?                                                               
I will let the developers know about the Programmer's Reference                 
mentioning the PUname -- but, for SURE the SMIT parameter for spappld           
you refer to is the application names which are "registered" with               
the AIX NetView Service Point and that has nothing to do with the               
PU name.  The primary use of the application name is for RUNCMD --              
so, you for SURE want to make note of the entry for spappld.                    
I checked the Programmer's Ref.                                                 
In the case of spappld, the Programmer's Reference is ok; it mentions           
that it is the application name.                                                
In the case of tralertd, the Programmer's Reference is trying to tell           
you that the name you enter there (for -p) will be included in the             
send-NMVT's hierarchy.  In my testing, this name can be "anything" --           
including the SAME NAME as you use in the spappld -p.  I recommend              
that approach; that way, the displayed hierarchy in NetView would               
contain the RUNCMD application name.                                            
S e a r c h - k e y w o r d s:                                                  
SPAPPLD TRALERTD                                                                

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