How to Discriminate Point-toPoint Networks from IP networks

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I'd like to know about the fields of objects in NetView/6000.                   
After certain PTF level for NetView/6000 V2, point-to-point connection          
between a pair of routers isn't drawn as IP Network icons, but is               
drawn as connection symbol on the "IP Internet" submap.                         
I'd like to know what fields of objects for IP networks determine               
its symbol type.                                                                
After looking into the capabilities of icon symbol networks and                 
connection ones by "ovobjprint", I come to know as follows.                     
   Object                    Object with     Object with                        
   Capabilities              Icon Symbols    Connection Symbols                 
      isIP                       True            True                           
      isNetwork                  True            True                           
      isConnection               False           False                          
      TopM Interface Count     more than 3        2                             
NetView for AIX uses either an IP network symbol or a connecting line           
to display IP networks. It attempts to always use the connecting line           
approach for point-to-point networks.  The information it uses to make          
the decision is the ifType MIB field of the interface. This field is            
an enumeration list, and certain values of it are always treated as             
point-to-point.  The behaviour is hard-coded - there is no way at               
present to control which ifType values will be treated this way.                
There is no difference in the object database for the two situations -          
the IP network is still an object whether it is displayed as a line or          
a circular symbol.  The different behaviour is generated by ipmap               
when it takes the object and topology information and combines it to            
generate submaps.                                                               
One thing I find useful is to select the point-to-point line with the           
right mouse button and then do Edit->Modify/Describe->Symbol. I then            
change the option to make the label visible, so you can see what network        
the line represents.                                                            
S e a r c h - k e y w o r d s:                                                  
NETVIEW NVAIX PPP SERIAL LINKS                                                  

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