Problems with long lines on a lineprinter ( >240 caharcters)

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Are there any limitation for the "_w" paramater in the viritual                 
printer description ? If I write 20 characters/inch (_p=12,_K=+)                
and _w (Page with) is up to 240 it works ok. If I set _w=264                    
i get problems depending on the printer.                                        
- A IBM 6408-A00 priter writes only rubbish in the 4-5 left characters          
  on the paper, and nothing else.                                               
- A Mannesman-Tally printer (emulates IBM Proprinter) only writes               
  168 characters and drop the rest of the line. The print-header (on            
  the paper) say w_=168 even if the chvirprt-command sets it to 264.            
The RS/6000 runs AIX 3.2.5.                                                     
There are no known software limitations for the _w attribute in                 
the virtual printer.  However, each printer has it's own                       
physical limitations concerning the number of characters per line.              
The number of characters that can fit on one line is dependent                  
upon the type of font that is being utilized.                                   
If you require further assistance with this problem please                      
respond back with the following:                                                
        1.  The type of virtual printer that is being utilized.                 
        2.  Any changes that have been made to the virtual                      
        3.  The exact command that is being used to send a file                 
            to the printer.                                                     
After som research we see that printing up to 257 characters/line              
( _w=257 ) it works ok. If _w are 258 or higher we get an "overflow"            
and the printer are writing rubbish. The viritual priter used are               
defined as "IBM 4202-3 model 3 Proprinter III XL" and the changes               
are the one described above, _p=12,_K=+,_w=258,v=8,l=64,X=ISO8859-1,            
_L=|. The print command are "lp -d                               
The printer are a IBM 6408-A                                                    
    In our labs I recreated the exact situation that you are currently          
    using.  When printing to the "IBM 4202-3 Proprinter III XL" the             
    number of characters per line was 257.  However, if the output              
    was directed to a file then there was no limitation on how many             
    characters could be printed per line.  The virtual printer itself           
    does not have any limitations on the "_w" attribute.  The physical         
    printer, however, can only handle a certain number of characters            
    per line.                                                                   
Thank you.                                                                      
S e a r c h - k e y w o r d s:                                                  
PRINTER VIRTUAL FLAGS _W                                                        

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