Problem linking code with the AIX xlC Compiler/Linker.

ITEM: RTA000065210

 I have a problem linking code with the AIX xlC Compiler/Linker.                
 The result of the link step is as follows:                                     
 0706-317 ERROR: Unresolved or undefined symbols detected:                      
                 Symbols in error (followed by references) are                  
                 dumped to the load map.                                        
                 The -bloadmap: option will create a load map         
 .List::put(const Path&)                                                  
 .List::List(const List&)                                           
 I use C++ Standard Components (a class library from UNIX Sys labs)             
 List and Listiter is on (templated) class of this library. Also Path           
 which I am not using at all.                                                   
 I got a template instantiation file tempinc/List.C, which looks as             
 /*0780858105*/#include "/usr/Hirschmann/version1.0/../USL/List.h"              
 /*0000000000*/#include "/usr/Hirschmann/version1.0/../USL/List.c"              
 /*0781453702*/#include "/usr/Hirschmann/version1.0/mibobject.h"                
 /*0781453701*/#include "/usr/Hirschmann/version1.0/mibattribute.h"             
 /*0781559342*/#include "/usr/Hirschmann/version1.0/logentry.h"                 
 /*0781562233*/#include "/usr/Hirschmann/version1.0/oid.h"                      
 /*0780865676*/#include "/usr/lpp/xlC/include/OV/OVsnmpApi.h"                  
 /*0781453703*/#include "/usr/Hirschmann/version1.0/optionmenu.h"               
 class OptionMenu;                                                              
 class LogEntry;                                                                
 #pragma define(List_of_p)                                            
 #pragma define(List_of_p)                                        
 #pragma define(List_of_p)                                           
 #pragma define(List)                                                    
 #pragma define(List)                                                      
 #pragma define(List)                                            
 #pragma define(List_of_p)                                          
 #pragma define(List_of_p)                                             
 #pragma define(List_of_piter)                                         
 #pragma define(Const_list_of_piter)                                  
 #pragma define(Listiter)                                                
 #pragma define(Const_listiter)                                          
 #pragma define(List_of_piter)                                       
 #pragma define(Const_list_of_piter)                                 
 #pragma define(List_of_p)                                                
 #pragma define(List_of_piter)                                        
 #pragma define(Const_list_of_piter)                                  
 #pragma define(List_of_piter)                                    
 #pragma define(Const_list_of_piter)                              
 #pragma define(Listiter)                             
 #pragma define(List)                                 
 #pragma define(Const_listiter)                       
 #pragma define(Listiter)                                                  
 #pragma define(Const_listiter)                                            
 #pragma define(Listiter)                                       
 #pragma define(Const_listiter)                                  
 #pragma define(List_of_piter)                                            
 #pragma define(Const_list_of_piter)                                      
 #pragma define(List_of_p)                                         
 #pragma define(List_of_piter)                                     
 #pragma define(Const_list_of_piter)                               
 #pragma define(lnnk_ATTLC)                           
 #pragma define(lnnk_ATTLC)                                      
 #pragma define(lnnk_ATTLC)                                                
 #pragma define(lnnk_ATTLC)                                              
 #pragma undeclared                                                             
 This file doesn't contain any e.g. List lines.                           
 I don't know why the unresolved external                                       
 error occurs. I think it can't be a name demangling problem,                  
 because List is a C++ source.                                                  
Please try the "-qlanglvl=compat" option on the compiler command                
line.  If this does not work we will have to recreate the problem               
in our lab.                                                                     
In its current form, we cannot recreate this problem because we                 
do not have the C++ Standards Components List class library.  In                
order to comment further on this item, we will have to attempt to               
compile a test case and follow the output of the compiler and                   
linker to help us narrow down our search through the test case                  
for the cause of the problem.  This leaves you with the                         
following options:                                                             
1) Develop a test case which we can use to recreate the problem                 
   in our lab.  I will explain how to do this later.                            
2) Contact UNIX Sys Labs support group for C++ Standard                         
   Components List class library.  Typically, if a developer                    
   claims support for a hardware platform, they have tested                     
   their product on that platform, and therefore they may be                    
   more familiar with how to set up their product on our                        
   One important question you may want to ask them is whether                   
   or not they support the RISC System/6000 AIX platform and                    
   C Set ++ or XL C++.                                                          
Please note that there are differences between our compiler                     
and other C++ compilers.  IBM bases its C++ compilers on the                    
latest proposed ANSI C++ language working paper.  This allows                   
our C++ to be compliant with industry standards.  Since other                   
compilers may not be compliant, it is not our intention to be                   
compatible with all other compilers.  We do, however, provide                   
the "-qlanglvl=compat" option which makes it easier to port                     
code from other C++ compilers to our compiler.                                  
If you decide that you would like to send us a test case so                     
that we can pursue this issue further, then you will need to                    
follow some guidelines.  Attempt to recreate the problem in                     
a way that does not depend on the product.  If you suspect                      
that a section of code in the product is responsible for the                    
problem (for example, if you suspect the code which you sent                   
in your first append), then copy the code to a module and                       
make a driver for it.  The driver plus the copied code should                   
constitute a stand-alone test case - that is, you should be                     
able to send us a package which includes only the copied                        
code, the driver, and instructions for reproducing the                          
problem, and from this alone we should be able to recreate                      
the problem.  Test your test case on your own machine to make                   
certain that it does reproduce the problem.                                     
In addition to the above, the information you send should                       
comply with the following:                                                      
  1) The test case can contain no more than 2 pages of code.                    
     Test cases with more than 2 pages of code are considered                   
     debugging cases and are not appropriate for this line of                   
     support.  If you need this kind of support, then you may                  
     be able to set up a consulting contract with an IBM                        
     support facility in your area.                                             
  2) The test case should contain no bugs other than the one                    
     which we are trying to exhibit.  If we detect any other                    
     bugs, we will reject the test case without further                         
  3) The test case should include all instructions necessary                    
     to reproduce the problem.                                                  
  4) The test case should include information on the customer                   
     configuration, including your level of AIX, you computer's                 
     model number, whether you are using XL C++ or C Set ++,                    
     the exact level of the compiler, and all PTFs relevant to                 
     your AIX level and to the compiler.                                        
S e a r c h - k e y w o r d s:                                                  

WWQA: ITEM: RTA000065210 ITEM: RTA000065210
Dated: 10/1995 Category: ITSAI6000LA
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