RS/6000 model 32H doesn't boot from 4mm tape drive 7206-001

ITEM: RTA000087435

We have several customers who failed to install AIX 3.2.5 on RS/6000            
models 32H and 340, using 4mm installation media and a 4mm tape                 
drive model 7206-001 . The machines could not boot from the 4mm                 
tape drive. They also tried to boot from diskettes and then install             
the 4mm tape, but they had problems with that approach, too                     
(usually the machnies got "stuck" during or after the installation).            
When they tried to install the machines from an 8mm tape drive model            
7208-001 there were no problems. What could be the cause of these               
problems ?  Is the 4mm tape 7206-001 fully supported under AIX 3.2.5            
and RS/6000 models 32H and 340 ?                                                
    The 7206 model 001 4mm tape drive is fully supported on the 32H             
    and the 340 under AIX 3.2.5.  However, after much research, I              
    have found a possible explanation.                                          
    A problem has been reported previously regarding the 7206-001               
    when attached to a SCSI I/O controller.  The SCSI I/O controller            
    which the 4mm tape drive is connected to must have a microcode              
    level of 50 or higher when trying to boot off of the tape drive.            
    Apparently, the SCSI adapter is unable to communicate with the              
    7206 if this update has not been made (due to a microcode                   
    incompatibility between the tape drive and the SCSI controller).            
    Please check to see what type of SCSI I/O controller is being               
    used.  To do this, and to check the microcode level of the                  
    controller, type in "lscfg -vl scsiX" where scsiX is the SCSI               
    controller the tape drive is connected to.  The field of                    
    interest is the "ROS Level" field.                                         
S e a r c h - k e y w o r d s:                                                  
7206-001 BOOT MKSYSB INSTALL                                                    

WWQA: ITEM: RTA000087435 ITEM: RTA000087435
Dated: 12/1995 Category: ITSAI6000HW
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