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What is the name of device special file for 3995-063 ?                          
   Unfortunately, the special device file is not created on the RISC            
   System/6000 as the 3995-x63 models come with no drivers,                     
   software, microcode or anything else.                                        
   Since space on the 3995 is not directly usable by the AIX operating          
   system.  The 3995 has to be bundled with Business Partner software           
   that makes it usable for their applications.  A list of these                
   applications and partners is contained in the package 3995APPS on            
   the MKTTOOLS disk.                                                           
   The Business Partner software will provide the drivers and make             
   the 3995 usable.  The 3995 will not be known to the RISC System/6000         
   in any other way than the SCSI interface knowing that a device is            
   attached at a SCSI address.                                                  
S e a r c h - k e y w o r d s:                                                  
3995 DRIVER                                                                     

WWQA: ITEM: RTA000071698 ITEM: RTA000071698
Dated: 03/1996 Category: ITSAI6000HW
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