ADA interface to PEX and/or OpenGL ?

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Could you tell me if there is a programming interface from ADA to               
PEX and/or OpenGL ? Apparently there is one thru Phigs.                         
I could find no ADA binding for PEX or OpenGL.  I recommend that you            
search for a third-party vendor in the HONE SWAPPLIC database (if you           
have access to it), the "AIX POWER Solutions" catalog (GC67-0210-04),           
and the "Open Systems Products Directory" published by UniForum.                
I realize that you indicated that you may have found one for                    
PHIGS already.  In case that does not work out, I found the                     
following vendor who claims to support an IBM ADA binding for                   
their version of PHIGS:                                                         
  Advanced Technology Center                                                   
  In the USA, the phone number is 714-583-9119                                  
  Contact name: Adam Li (extension 211)                                         
This company sells PHIGS as a product called "GRAFPAK-PHIGS".                   
The ADA binding to "GRAFPAK-PHIGS" works with IBM's ADA compiler.               
Note that this is not an endorsement of the above products.  I am               
merely mentioning that this option exists for your consideration.               
IBM does not support this product, we do not guarantee that it                  
will work as expected, and we cannot be held liable for any loss                
of time or money resulting from the use of this product.                        
For clarity allow me to repeat the answer to the major question in              
this item: IBM currently does not support an ADA binding to PEX or              
S e a r c h - k e y w o r d s:                                                  

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