4033 slow printing

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A CALCOMP CCL600 printer connected to a IBM 4033 box takes approx.              
6 times longer to print a particular file than when it is connected             
directly to the parallel port on the same RISC/6000 (AIX 3.2.5)                 
that drives the 4033.                                                           
The connection to the 4033 box is parallel as well.                             
The network is 16Mbps token-ring.                                               
Is this "working as designed" ?                                                 
If it is we have to connect the printer to the RISC directly.                   
That downgrades the performance on the RISC (when printing)                     
severely. Can anything be done about that (apart from using serial              
comm.) ?                                                                        
We are talking minutes, even up to one hour.                                    
The files range in size from a few hundred KB to several thousands.             
The network has two RISC/6000 and runs 16MB ring speed.                        
The netload is almost zero.                                                     
I made this test to give something to work with:                                
a 94 block file takes 15 sec to transmit through the local                      
parallel port on the RISC, but 60 sec to transmit through the 4033.             
The same file sent 3 times after each other 3x60 sec to transmit.               
PS. Why does printing through the local port on the RISC slow                   
the machine down so much ??                                                     
    In order for me to address your question sufficiently, I would              
    need to know the following:                                                 
     1.  When you said that it takes 6 times longer to print to a              
         4033 LAN attached printer versus direct parallel attached,             
         what kind of time frame are you referring to?  Is it in                
         seconds or minutes?  What is the file size of the print                
     2.  If you send more than one job (several jobs at a time),                
         does it takes less total amount of time to print to the                
         4033 LAN attached printer comparing when the printer is                
         attached to the standard parallel port?                                
     3.  How big is the Token Ring network?  How heavy is the network?          
    It is normal that it might take a little longer to print a single           
    print job if the printer is attached to the network (via 4033 LAN)          
    versus if it is attached to the standard parallel port depending           
    how heavy the network is.  This is because the file that is being           
    printed has to be transported across the network.                           
    If there are more than one job (multiple jobs) submitted, the               
    total amount of time that it takes to print all of these jobs               
    might decrease significantly versus when printing directly to the           
    standard parallel port.                                                     
   I tested the 4033 throughput by sending a postscript file to a 4029          
   laser printer.  I made sure the file was 94 blocks.  I sent the file         
   once and timed it.  It took ten seconds to begin printing.                   
   I then sent the file 5 times and timed it.  It took 10 seconds for           
   the first file to begin printing.  The fifth file was complete in            
   110 seconds.                                                                
   I ran an identical test on the same printer directly attached to the         
   parallel port of an RS/6000.  There was no measurable difference in          
   the times.                                                                   
   It is possible that there are errors on the network and the data             
   packets are being retransmitted, thus slowing the job throughput.            
   Please check your network for errors with "netstat -i".                      
S e a r c h - k e y w o r d s:                                                  
4033 PERFORMANCE SLOW PRINTING                                                  

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