Hplj-3.aschplj-3.gl is missing in /usr/lpd/pio/predef.

ITEM: RTA000073468

Why are there no hplj-3.asc and hplj-3.gl in /usr/lpd/pio/predef?               
Is there any other .gl and .asc file that I can use instead?                    
Provided that you have PTF U402104 installed, you will have the printer         
support for the HP LaserJet III. This will give you files hplj-3.pcl and        
hplj-3.ps in the /usr/lpd/pio/predef directory. The "pcl" file gives you        
HP Printer Control Language, which is similar to "asc" on the IBM               
printers. A "pcl" virtual printer should be used to print ascii files.          
As for "gl" support, this isn't delivered with AIX, but you are able to         
configure a generic plotter queue to the printer. After entering "smit          
mkvirprt", and selecting that you are interested in a printer attached to       
the host, you are asked to choose which printer. If for instance, your          
printer is lp0, by entering *lp0 here, you are given a full list of            
emulations from which to choose, and you could select a plotter emulation       
S e a r c h - k e y w o r d s:                                                  
HPLJ-3 HP LASERJET ASC GL PCL PS /USR/LPD/PIO/PREDEF                            

WWQA: ITEM: RTA000073468 ITEM: RTA000073468
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