Terminal-attached printer connected to a terminal in 8-port controlle

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How can I define a terminal-attached printer for a ibm3151 connected to         
a 8-port controller? The printer works fine while the 3151 is connected         
to native s2 port. I heard something about there are some changes in            
terminfo definitions for the terminal: mc4 and mc5.                             
   Terminal attached printing through the 8-port adapter can be                 
   configured similar to that of any other adapter configuration                
   (e.g. 16-port, 64-port, 128-port...) with the only exception                 
   that the TERM type must be set to IBM 3151 or it will not work.              
   Use the following steps to configure TAP:                                    
  1.  You must belong to the 'printq' group or obtain 'root' authority          
      on the RISC.                                                              
  2.  Getting into SMIT                                                         
      From the command line enter 'smitty'                                      
      Select the following options in the order that they appear                
         Manage Local Printer Subsystem                                         
         Virtual Printers                                                       
         Add a Virtual Printer                                                  
         Enter the SMIT fastpath 'smitty virprt' and select                     
          'Add a Virtual Printer'                                               
  3. Select option 3, 'Printer or Plotter Attached to ASCII Terminal'.          
     Terminal attached printing works with AIX versions 3.2.3E and              
     above.(?)  Notice that it is not necessary to define a physical           
     device to the RISC.                                                        
  4.  A list of 'available' TTYs will be displayed along with their             
      unique addresses.  Determine which TTY the printer is connected           
      to and select the appropriate number.                                     
  5.  Select the type of printer that is being attached to the ASCII            
      terminal.  If the printer is not supported by AIX you may wish            
      to configure the printer as an ASCII printer.                             
  6.  Configure the virtual printer.                                            
  7.  You can now print to the terminal attached printer by enter the           
      following command from the command line on the RISC System/6000:          
               enq -P                                    
          Where  is the name of the queue that is                   
          associated with the terminal attached printer, and where              
           is the name of the file that you want to print.           
   The mc4 and mc5 attributes are defined as:                                   
   mc5=Value  Instructs the terminal to send all data to the AUX port.          
   (Printer ON)                                                                 
   mc4=Value  Restores output to the terminal. (Printer OFF)                    
   For supported terminals, the control sequence values are predefined          
   in the terminfo database.  The control sequence values are terminal         
   specific.  For example, the printer command sequences for an IBM 3151        
   terminal are:                                                                
   In this example, .P.R refers to the Ctrl-P Ctrl-R key sequence;              
   and .P.T refers to Ctrl-P Ctrl-T key sequence.                               
   No changes should need to be made to these values in order for               
   Terminal Attached Printing (TAP) to work.                                    
   The only other problem to be concerned with is ASCII terminal and            
   printer performance when printing large files to the terminal                
   attached printer.  Since the ASCII terminal and the terminal                 
   attached printer need to share resources, performance will degrade          
   on both devices when printing large files.  This is also a direct            
   result of the 8-port adapter having a small buffer.                          
S e a r c h - k e y w o r d s:                                                  
TAP TERMINAL-ATTACHED PRINTING IBM3151                                          

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