CHARS TRNSFD value in DAILY COMMAND SUMMARY accounting report

ITEM: RTA000069639

 CHARS TRNSFD value, in DAILY COMMAND SUMMARY accounting report,                
seemed to be bigger than actual. So I executed a program that                   
only executes open() and exit(), niether read() nor write().                    
I expected CHARS TRNSFD is 0, but it was 8240. What increases                   
this value ?                                                                    
   The output placed in the CHARS TRNSFD field of the Command Summary           
   report details all I/O associated with the command.  This would              
   include the command that started it, the size of the command when            
   read into memory, and any AIX actions taken to run the application           
   such as signals and return codes.                                            
   As you probably have noticed the accounting system is not documented        
   very well, but the test I ran which was similar to yours, produced           
   similar results.Detailed information on what causes the CHARS                
   TRANSFD to be incremented is unavailable.                                    
  Is there any progress ? About one month passed......                          
R: I have been with development on this issue however their response            
   was not a enlightening as we would hope.  Here is their response             
   The (struct acct) field ac_io is updated from the per-process (struct        
   user) field u_ioch.  It is updated for read() or write() system calls.      
   The u_ioch field is cleared when the process initially forks and             
   prior to the time the final process is exec'd.  I/O may be performed         
   by other programs which are run as part of the same processes                
   The read() and write() system calls are the only way that the field          
   in question is updated.  Read-ahead, which you mentioned above,              
   does not cause the field to be updated.                                      
   I apologize this took so long to respond to.  If you have any further        
   questions please reopen the item.                                            
   Thank You.                                                                   
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ACCOUNTING CHARS TRANSFD                                                        

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