Loading an 8mm mksysb tape ipling from a Cd-Rom

ITEM: RTA000064452

I am trying to load on a 40P under Aix 4.1.1 and                                
8mm "mksysb" tape ipling from a CDROM AIX 4.1.1                                 
(LK2T-0208-00 // 11H6188).                                                      
The ipl works fine, as do the following choices:                                
but at this point the "Tape Drive" and "Path Name" are empty.                   
The scsi address of the tape should be correct,                                 
because if I try an incorrect one (the same of CD) , I get                      
the diag message "00370730".                                                    
What did I do wrong ? Do I need an other version of the CD ?                    
    From the situation you have described, it would seem that the 40p           
    does not recognize the tape drive.  I got the same output when              
    I booted a 40p from cd-rom (5765-393 AIX 4.1.1 for Clients) when            
    the tape was at the same SCSI id as the cdrom.                              
    If I had the tape at a unique SCSI address I was able to boot               
    from the cd then install the mksysb from the tape.                          
    Another point, the mksysb must also be a mksysb from a 40p or               
    other RISCPC.  Verify that the tape is properly attached and                
    that the cables are terminated and connected.                               
S e a r c h - k e y w o r d s:                                                  
MKSYSB 4.1.1                                                                   

WWQA: ITEM: RTA000064452 ITEM: RTA000064452
Dated: 01/1995 Category: ITSAI6000GE
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