AIX 4.1.1 and NFS

ITEM: RTA000064197

Is NFS server on Aix4.1.1 optimized for SMP architecture ?                      
in fact, is it multithreaded ?                                                  
   The NFS Server is what we call MP Efficient, meaning                         
   it will benefit from the SMP.  The client is                                 
   MP Safe, which means it will run in an SMP environment,                      
   but is not optomized for MP.                                                 
   AIX V4.1 supports multithreads, however, "RPC servers are                    
   single threaded: meaning that there is one server process                    
   for the RPC service, and it executes remote requests from                   
   all clientsone at a time.  To achieve better performance,                    
   two or more copies of the same RPC server server may be                      
   started, but each server instance still handles only one                     
   request at a time." .reference O'Reilly and Associates                       
   'Managing NFS and NIS' p.15.                                                 
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