Which mirroring method should I use for the LOG server ?

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  The ENCINA LOG server allows you to mirror logfiles and logarchivefiles       
using either the AIX LVM mirroring function or the ENCINA LOG server            
"native" mirroring function. Which one should my customer use?                  
  You should use the AIX LVM mirroring functions wherever possible and          
not the native ENCINA mirroring capabilities. The major reason behind           
this is performance (the AIX LVM mirroring functions are likely to be           
more efficient that the ENCINA ones since they are at a "lower level").         
  Note that you should carefully plan on what filesystems you are going         
to place the ENCINA file volumes. If you place them on a filesystem which       
has a lot of other non-critical files (such as executables, etc), then         
it you end up mirroring substantial amounts of data unnecessary. It             
would be more appropriate to store all of your mirrored ENCINA file             
volumes on a specially created mirrored filesystem in this case.                
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LOG SERVER MIRRORING AIX LVM                                                    

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