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We're working on a big proposal for DB2 for AIX Version 2.                      
With regards to DB2 for AIX please tell me:                                     
1. where we differ from SQL92 (what is not supported)                           
2. where we differ from ISO/IEC 9075 (1989)                                     
3. what add-on there is to ISO/IEC (1987)                                       
I can answer Item 1, but ISO/IEC 9075 is not something being looked at          
in Toronto, since the focus is on SQL92.  In general, SQL89 with                
Referential Integrity is a subset of SQL92 Entry Level.  I have no             
information on ISO/IEC 1987 which is superseded by SQL89 (ISO/IEC 9075).        
Differences from ISO-ANSI SQL Entry Level                                       
1.C NUL-terminated output host variables are not blank padded and the           
NUL-terminator is not placed in the last position of the host variable.         
2.  Searched UPDATE and Searched DELETE do not require the SELECT               
privilege on the target table.                                                  
3. When granting privileges to a table or view, the privileges are              
not propagated the owner of a dependent view.                                   
4. An apostrophe is required when continuing a string in COBOL.  A              
quotation mark is not allowed.  A quote is required when continuing             
a delimited identifier in COBOL.  An apostrophe is not allowed.                 
OMISSIONS OF ISO-ANSI SQL92 ENTRY LEVEL FEATURES                                
1. Referential integrity omissions:                                             
   a.  Allow a foreign key to reference any unique key in the referenced        
   b.  Additional Support for referential cycles:                               
       1) Allow a subselect in an INSERT statement to return more than          
       one row if the object table is self-referencing even if the              
       foreign key is non-null.                                                 
       2) Allow more than one row to be selected in a Searched UPDATE           
       statement that updates a parent key.                                     
2. Support additional data types on CREATE TABLE:                               
   a.  Support REAL (short floating point) data type.                           
   b.  Support an explicit specification of precision on FLOAT data types       
3. Support UNIQUE constraints.                                                  
4. Support defered validation of UNIQUE constraints.                            
5. Support specific values in the DEFAULT clause for a column definition.       
6. Support WITH GRANT OPTION.                                                   
7. Support the UPDATE and REFERENCES privileges on a column.                   
8. Allow a user to grant to oneself.                                            
9. Support a stand-alone SQLCODE and SQLSTATE in C and FORTRAN.                 
   A stand-alone SQLCODE and SQLSTATE is supported in Micro Focus COBOL.        
10.Support "float" host variable declarations in C.                             
11.Support the backslash for continuation of literals and delimited             
   identifiers in C.                                                            
12.Support SIGN LEADING SEPARATE in COBOL host variable declarations.           
13.Support REAL host variable declarations in FORTRAN.                          
14.Support a schema processor..                                                 
FIPS COMPLIANCE                                                                 
DB2 for AIX and DB2 for OS/2 do not fully comply with FIPS 127.2 or the         
previous version of the standard (FIPS 127.1).  In addition to the              
above omissions and differences from SQL92E, DB2 for AIX and DB2 for OS/2       
do not provide a flagger for flagging statements that do not comply to          
S e a r c h - k e y w o r d s:                                                  
SQL92 FIPS COMPLIANCE                                                           

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