XDMCP support by CDE in AIX 4.1.1

ITEM: RTA000086354

Can you please confirm that CDE still uses the X11R4 version of XDMCP           
and so does not support 'indirect' and 'broadcast' request ?                    
Do you know if CDE will be later updated to use the X11R5 or X11R6              
version of XDMCP, and when ?                                                    
No release of AIX currently supports a CDE which supports X11R5                 
XDMCP protocol.  AIX development is planning to implement this                  
in a future release of AIX Version 4, but we have no information                
as to when this will be available or in what release development                
will implement it.                                                              
Information about IBM's future plans which does not appear in                   
the Announcements or in a formal Statement of Direction is                      
classified IBM Confidential and can be released on a need-to-                   
know basis only.  Thus, even if we had this information it would                
not be appropriate for us to release it in this forum.                          
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WWQA: ITEM: RTA000086354 ITEM: RTA000086354
Dated: 11/1995 Category: ITSAI6000CD
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