Adaptater SCSI-2 Fast and Wide on 7012-320

ITEM: RS4000005015

We plan to upgrade a 7012-320 with two Adapters SCSI-2 DIFF F/W (2412)          
to integrate this RISC/6000 in a HACMP configuration.                           
Could you confirm that SCSI-2 F/W adapter are supported on this model           
with AIX 3.2.5. Thanks a lot for your support. Best regards.                    
It is not listed anywhere that the 7012-320 supports the SCSI-2 DIFF            
(2412) adapter.  The reason for it not listed is probably due to the            
fact that the 7012-320 system had been withdrawn from the market before         
the scsi-2 DIFF f/w adapter was announced.                                      
However, I see no technical reason as to why the 2412 adapter could not         
work on the 7012-320.  At aix 3.2.5, you would need to install a ptf by         
the number U493251 which provides the fast wide support for the                 
Thank you for using AIX Technical Support.                                      

WWQA: ITEM: RS4000005015 ITEM: RS4000005015
Dated: 07/1996 Category: AIXHARDW
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