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QUESTION :                                                                      
What is the difference between those two Y cables ?                             
( one is for PCI bus and the other one for MCA bus, but both are for            
 SCSI2 De F/W ...)                                                              
 2114 ( P/N 52G0173)                                                            
 2426  ( P/N 52G4234)                                                           
is there a problem if I use one instead of the other one ?                      
Thank you                                                                       
ANSWER :                                                                        
The only difference between the Micro-Channel Y-Cable(2426) and the             
PCI Y-Cable(2114) is the connection to the adapter.  The Micro-                 
Channel SCSI-2 F/W Diff Adapter has a Centronix connector.  The PCI             
SCSI-2 F/W Diff Adapter has a connector identical to the devices(68-           
PIN connector).  Therefore, you can use the PCI Y-Cable with a Micro-           
Channel adapter if you get an interposer(P/N 50G0460).  The interposer          
converts the PIN connector to a Centronix connector.  You will not be           
able to use a Micro-Channel Y-Cable with the PCI adapter.  There is             
not an interposer that converts the Centronix connector to a pin                
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