What version of socks server support in SNG V2.2?

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  IBM eNetwork Firewall V3.2 for AIX                                            
I have a customer that is in the early stages of migrating from                 
IBM's Secure Network Gateway V2.2 for AIX to IBM Firewall 3.2 for AIX.          
I found in the Firewall v3.2 announcement letter that it supports socks         
server v5, but couldn't find that information on SNG.                           
So the question is: what version of socks server support is in SNG V2.2?        
Thanks a lot.                                                                  
SOCKS server version 4.2 is the SOCKS version that is shipped with              
SNG 2.2.                                                                        
Thanks for using ASKQ.                                                          

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