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  IBM eNetwork Firewall V3.2 for AIX                                            
Pls, may you help me with these questions for my customer                       
regarding eNetwork Firewall for AIX?                                            
a) How to block an email when this exceed a limit of the number                 
   of email per user.                                                           
b) How to block the access to another websites.                                 
c) How to give a specific schedule/time to an user to access                   
   the internet.                                                                
d) How to create a restrictive email distribution list.                         
Thank you.                                                                      
The IBM Firewall uses its own secure mail gateway called SafeMail.              
SafeMail is only a mail relay, so at least one mail server in the               
secure network is required to receive all incoming mail.  Since the             
mail server is not part of the IBM Firewall product, your customer              
would have to check with the manufacturer of that mail server to                
see how they could define thresholds for the limit of mail each user            
can receive. This is usually done by limiting the size of the mailbox.          
Once the size of the mailbox has been reached, it will not receive              
any more mail till the mail is eliminated from the mailbox.  Most               
mail servers will also allow a 'maximum size' restriction to the size          
of each piece of mail so that large files attached will be restricted.          
There is a product called MIMEsweeper that has a component called               
MAILsweeper that can scan and restrict mail.  This product is installed         
on an internal SMTP gateway and intercepts the mail, examines it, then          
determines how to process it based on rules set up for examining the            
mail.  The URL for MIMEsweeper is                    
The IBM Firewall can not block access to other websites, but there              
are two different products that can provide that service.  IBMs Web             
Traffic Express - see URL;          
a product called Web Sense (not an IBM product) at URL;                  This product can                
block time of day access to the Internet as well.  You can also                 
restrict time-of day access through the firewall by defining 'Time              
Controls' in the 'Services' panals of the IBM Firewall. For example, to        
deny websurfing after a specific time, you would set the HTTP services          
to begin and end at a specific time.                                            
Creating a restrictive email distribution list would also be a function         
of the mailserver.  This function would be unique to each mailserver            
so your customer would have to consult the User Guide of the mailserver         
they are using.                                                                 
Thank you for using ASKQ                                                        

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