Is there any restriction on max # objects in a group?

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Customer has 800+ entries in /etc/sockd.conf on FireWall 2.2 system. On         
the FW 3211 system, I created a single connection with source called            
socks (a group containing network host objects) to allow socks                  
connection. I used cmd line option to build all 800 network host objects        
successfully. Then I tried to use the configuration gui to put all the          
host objects into the group. But gui failed with message like                   
"connection lost ..., re login..." when ok button pressed from the              
network object window (with 3~400 objectes already in the group). When I       
tried to add more through the command line, it caused segmentation fault        
with core. Please advise:                                                       
1. What is the max. number objects can be included in a single group?           
2. Is there any APAR opened for the problem that I encountered?                 
3. Can group network object include another group?                              
Thank you for your help.                                                        
I will have to check with development for answers to some of your               
questions; however, let me also be sure I follow your description.              
You create your 800 objects using fwxmigrate.  Then you tried to                
put these objects into a group using the Config Client GUI.  Then               
you had the problems described . . . is this correct?                           
This is evidently a known problem and a fix has been developed but              
has not been made available just yet.  You will be able to FTP the              
fix from  I will reopen this item              
as soon as I get the name(s) of the files you need.                             
Thank you fgor using ASKQ.                                                      
Please see previous update from Trish.                                          
Hi.  There is now a fix available:                                                               
The above URL should take you right to it.                                      
Thank you for using ASKQ.                                                       
I have checked, file                
fwutils.a  is not there. Please advise. Thanks.                                 
I apologize for the inconvenience.  I will check with development to            
ensure the fix got out there on the server and make sure I gave you             
the correct name.  I will reopen this item as soon as I hear back from          
I just talked to someone on the development team and they informed me           
that files put on this FTP site are automatically purged after 3 days.         
So they have placed it out there again at URL;                            Look for the file named          
fwutils.a  (in lower case letters) toward the middle of the list.               
Thanks for using ASKQ.                                                          

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