Which PTF do I need from AIX 4.3.1 to run FW 3.2.1

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  IBM eNetwork Firewall V3.2 for AIX                                            
Two monthes ago, I can not use the combination of AIX 431 and FW 321            
(or 3211). The symptom was no user include root can log on to the               
system. I was forced to use AIX 4.3.0. It appears that combination works        
now. What is the fix I should order to make it work? Is the fix from AIX        
or from FW? Is FW 3212 available yet? I can only find 3211 from                 
testcase.boulder.ibm.com. Please advise. Thanks.                                
You can now use AIX 4.3.1 with the IBM Firewall 3.2.1.  Check out URL           
fixes_fwaix.html  for the latest fixes you need to run these levels             
of software together.                                                           
As of this date, IBM Firewall for is not available.                     
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