Software order for 7318-S20 on AIX 4.1

ITEM: RS4000015050

I need to order a 7318-S20 terminal server on an E30 machine.                   
I am ordering AIX 4.1 for the E30. When I configure the terminal                
server accelerator software (5765-268), the configurator gives                  
a message saying "please order through 5750-AET or AFF", which                  
means AIX 3.2.5. Also the Plet says that it needs AIX 3.2.5, but                
the Plet last update is in 1994.                                                
Is the 5765-268 software supported on AIX 4 ? And if yes, how to                
order ? If no, what is the replacement ?                                        
Thanks a lot for your prompt response.                                          
Terminal Server Accelerator (5765-268 for AIX 3) has become a device           
driver and is contained in AIX 4 CD (also in the client version).               
It's not a separate LPP anu longer so you don't have to order it.               
Best regards, Marina.                                                           

WWQA: ITEM: RS4000015050 ITEM: RS4000015050
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