Fifth Edition (April 1997)

Trademarks and Acknowledgements

About This Book

Chapter 1. Performance Toolbox for AIX Overview

Chapter 2. Monitoring Statistics with xmperf

Chapter 3. The xmperf User Interface

Chapter 4. Recording and Playback with xmperf

Chapter 5. The xmperf Command Menu Interface

Chapter 6. 3D Monitor

Chapter 7. 3D Playback

Chapter 8. Monitoring Exceptions with exmon
Overview of exmon

Chapter 9. Recording Files, Annotation Files, and Recording Support Programs

Chapter 10. Analyzing Performance Recordings with azizo

Chapter 11. Monitoring Remote Systems

Chapter 12. Recording Performance Data on Remote Systems

Chapter 13. SNMP Multiplex Interface

Chapter 14. Data Reduction and Alarms with filtd

Chapter 15. Response Time Measurement

Chapter 16. System Performance Measurement Interface Programming Guide

Chapter 17. Remote Statistics Interface Programming Guide

Appendix A. Installing the Performance Toolbox for AIX

Appendix B. Performance Toolbox for AIX Files

Appendix C. Performance Toolbox for AIX Commands