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Performance Toolbox Version 1.2 and 2 for AIX: Guide and Reference

filtd command

The filtd programs allows you to define:


The filtd program is designed to run as a daemon. It takes three command line arguments, all of which are optional:

filtd [-f config_file] [-b buffer_size] [-p trace_level]


Overrides the default configuration file name. If this option is not given, the file name is assumed to be available in /etc/perf/filter.cf or else as described in "Overview of File Placement" . The configuration file is where you tell filtd what data reduction and alarm definitions you want.
Specifies the level of detail written to the log file. The trace level must be between 1 and 9. The higher the trace level the more is written to the log file. If this option is not specified, the trace level is set to zero.
Buffer size for communications with xmservd via RSI. The default buffer of 2048 bytes will allow for up to 60 statistics to be used in defining new statistics and alarms. If more are needed, the buffer size must be increased. It may also be necessary to increase the xmservd buffer size.

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