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Motif 2.1 Widget Writer's Guide


Returns an icon widget symbolizing a textual drag operation in progress


#include <Xm/DragIconP.h>
Widget XmeGetTextualDragIconWidget


The Motif Style Guide requires an application to display a drag icon to symbolize a drag operation in progress. Each drag icon consists of a source icon, a state icon, and an operation icon. The source icon symbolizes the object being dragged. If the object being dragged is text, the standard Motif text source icon should be displayed. To get the standard Motif text source icon, call XmeGetTextualDragIcon. For more information about drag icons, see the Motif Programmer's Guide.

The XmeGetTextualDragIcon function returns the standard text source icon widget. Typically, you assign this returned widget as the value of the XmNsourceCursorIcon resource of the XmDragContext widget; for example:

drag_icon = XmeGetTextualDragIcon(w);
XtSetArg(args[n], XmNsourceCursorIcon, drag_icon), n++;
(void) XmeDragSource(w, event, args, n);

Specifies any widget displayed on the screen on which you want the source icon to appear.


Returns a text source icon widget. The returned icon depends on the value of the XmNenableDragIcon resource of XmScreen.


XmDragStart(3), XmDragContext(3), and XmScreen(3).

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