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Motif 2.1 Widget Writer's Guide

Xme Miscellaneous Functions

Motif also provides the Xme functions shown in Table 8-8.

Table 18. Xme Miscellaneous Functions

Xme Function What It Does:
XmeCreateClassDialog Creates a dialog shell containing the specified widget
XmeGetDefaultPixel Finds a color associated with the given widget
XmeGetNullCursor Returns the null cursor associated with a given display
XmeGetPixmapData Returns details about a cached pixmap
XmeMicroSleep Suspends execution for a specified number of microseconds
XmeGetHomeDirName Returns the pathname of the user's home directory
XmeQueryBestCursorSize Finds the best cursor size
XmeResolvePartOffsets Allows writing of binary-compatible applications and widgets
XmeSetWMShellTitle A compound string function that updates the window manager title
XmeVirtualToActualKeysyms Finds the physical keysyms associated with a given virtual keysym
XmeWarning Writes a warning message to the standard error stream

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